Poh Siew Wah (b. 1948, Singapore) has been an artist, an art educator and a commissioned Singapore Post stamp designer for 50 years. A versatile painter, Poh’s early works were realistic watercolours and oils of Singapore scenes.



2010 | 1st Prize Tan Tze Chor Art Award, Abstract Art, Singapore Art Society

2005 | 1st Prize Art Award, NAFA Alumni, Singapore

2003 | 2nd Prize Abstract Art, Tan Tze Chor Award, Singapore Art Society

1995 | Singapore International Foundation, Overseas Art Sponsorship Award

1995 | NAC Travel Grant, National Art Council, Singapore

1990 | IBM Merit Award, IBM Art Award, Singapore

1987 | Tan Tze Chor Art Award, Singapore Art Society

1984/87/88 | Distinction in Creative Art Award, NAFA Alumni, Singapore

1984/1989 | Highly Commended, UOB Painting of The Year

1984/1985 | Commended, Australian Art Award, Singapore
1981 | Consolation Prize, Innovation in Art, SIA, Ministry of Culture, Singapore

Solo Exhibtions

2022 | Journey+Art Dialogue, NUSS Guild House, Singapore
2022 | LINESCAPE Singapore, Merlin Art Gallery, Singapore

2019 | Island in The Sun, Daiichi Art Space, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

2018 | Ink Enchantment, EC Fine Art Gallery, Singapore 

2012 | Cityscapes, A New Perspective, Momentous Art Gallery, Singapore

2001 | Order & Reason, Art 2, the Gallery, MITA, Singapore
1995 | Poh Siew Wah, Court of Justice, Flensburg, Germany

1992 | Equilibrium, Notices, The Gallery, Hilton International Hotel Singapore
1992 | Equilibrium II, Notices, the Gallery, Hilton International Hotel Singapore
1987 | Realism to Abstract, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1984 | Lasting Images, Alliance Francaise, Singapore

1980 | Art In Action, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
2-Man Exhibition

2005 | Silence in Movement / Movement in Silence, Poh Siew Wah + Rainer Geburzyk, The Substation, Singapore
Group Exhibtions

2018 | Hanoi March Connecting, Hanoi, Vietnam

2018 | 3rd Malaysia Art Biennale 2018, Daiichi Art Space, Penang

2018 | One Belt, One Road, 6 Singapore Contemporary Artists, TaiFeng Exhibition Hall, Zhuhai, China

2018 | Macau International Cultural and Art Exhibition

2017 | 4 Singapore Contemporary Watercolour Artists Exhibition, EC Fine Art Gallery, Singapore

2017 | Singapore-Suzhou Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Renewed Artists Exchange Exhibition, Suzhou, China

2017 | Masters’ Cut, Daiichi Art Space, Penang

2016 |15th Japan International Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2016 | PSU International Art Workshop, Princess Galyani University Institute of Cultural Studies, Pattani, Thailand

2016 | Eco from Nature, International Visual Art Exhibition, Hanoi, Danang, Vietnam

2016 | Asian Watercolour Workshop & Exhibition, Krabi Art Museum, Thailand

2016 | Myanmar-Thai-Singapore Watercolour Exchange Exhibition, Yangon Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2016 | Asian Watercolour Expressions, Bandung, Indonesia

2016 | 6th Art and Design ASEAN Workshop & Exhibition, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University, Thailand

2016 | 2016 China-Singapore 8 Painters Exchange Exhibition, EC Fine Art Gallery, Singapore

2016 | Silk Journey to Art World Tour Exhibition, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

2016 | Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Tainan City, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taiwan

2015 | Singapore-India Exchange Exhibition, MITA, Singapore

2015 | Visual Art for ASEAN, Nan/Bangkok Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 | Silk Journey to Art World Tour Exhibition, Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China

2015 | Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Spring Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2015 | SG50 Cultural Landscapes of Singapore Watercolour Exhibition, MITA, Singapore

2015 | Contemporary Ceramic Art in Residence, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

2014 | The Nanyang Spirit, Singapore-India Cultural Exchange, Art Spice Gallery, New Delhi, India

2014 | Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2014 | ASEAN Art Festival Workshop, Hua Hin, Thailand

2014 | 1st Langkawi International Art Biennale, Langkawi, Malaysia

2014 | Watercolour Today

2014, SWS 45th Annual Exhibition, MITA

2013 | 9th International Art Festival Workshop, Poh Chang Arts Academy, Rajamangla University, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 | 1st International Art Workshop, Institute of Mekong – Salween Civilisations Studies, Naresuan University, Phisanulok, Thailand

2013 | 12th Annual Art Workshop Exhibition, Lanna Art Instructors, Uttaradit Rajabhat University, Thailand

2013 | 1st Changzhou International Art Workshop Festival Exhibition, Huaxia Park Art Museum, Changzhou, China

2013 | Krabi International Art Workshop, Andaman Art Museum Thailand

2012 | Contemporary Ceramic Art Workshop Residence, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

2012 | Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing, China

2012 | International Water Media Masters, Nanjing, China

2012 | Journey, IWS, Asian Watercolours Safari Exhibition, Jakarta, Solo, Bali, Indonesia

2012 | 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale 2012, WanjuGun, Korea

2011 | 8th International Art Festival Workshop, Poh Chang Arts Academy, Rajamangla University, Bangkok

2011 | 1st International Art & Design Conference & Workshop 2011, Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts, Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand

2010 | Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival in Conjunction with China World Expo, Shanghai & Lushan

2009 | Lushan International Watercolour Art Festival, Lushan, Jiangxi, China

2008 | Asian Watercolours, Neka Art Museum, Bali, Indonesia

2007 | Unique 9, Singapore Art Show, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, Singapore

2006 | New Expression in Art, Asian, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

2005 | Holopis Kuntul Baris, Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

2005 | Art of the 2nd Generation, Singapore Art Show, NAFA

2004 | ASEAN Japan Art Exchange, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 | New Expression in Art, Asian- Australia, Tainan, Taiwan

2003 | New Expression in Art, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan

2001 | The Power of Art of Mekong River, Bangkok, Thailand

2001 | Go-With-Flow, NAFA Gallery, Singapore

2000 | Asian Watercolours, Tapei, Taiwan

1999 | President Charity Show, Tanglin, Singapore

1999 | Singapore-Anhui Watecolours, Hefei, Anhui, China

1998 | Singapore-Chengdu Art Exchange, Chengdu Art Museum Sichuan, China

1997 | 12th International Modern Art, Centre de Actividades, Macau

1996 | 11th International Modern Art, Manila, Philippines

1993 | 13 at Notices, Notices Gallery, Hilton International, Singapore

1993 | Places, Poems & Paintings, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1992 | New Space, Singapore-Vietnam Modern Art, Ho Chi-Minh City, Vietnam

1991 | 2nd ASEAN Symposium on Painting & Photography, Travelling Exhibition, ASEAN countries

1990 | Asian Watercolours, Beijing, China

1990 | Singapore Artists Speak, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1989 | Paris Salon, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1989 | Asian Watercolours, Bangkok, Thailand

1988 | The 2nd Decade, Masterpieces from Private Collections, Singapore Art Festival, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1988 | Asian Watercolours 88, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

1987 | National Centenary Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1984 | 25 Years of Art in Singapore, National Museum Art Gallery Singapore

1979/80/81/82 | National Day Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery Singapore

1963 | Singapore Art Society Annual Art Exhibition, Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore

Singapore Art Museum, Flensburg Stadtishe Museum, Germany, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, National Library, National Art Council, EDB, Trade & Development Board, SIA, OCBC, Schroder Investment Management, Singapore, DBS, Swiss Bank, UBAF Singapore, Singapore Oil Refinery, Tangs Singapore, Shaw Organisation, Ascendas Reit, Ascott Holding, Mt Alvernia Hospital, SingTelecomunications, Changzhou HuaXia Park Museum, China, Wanju-Gun Art Museum, Korea, Andaman Art Mueum, Krabi, Thailand, Poh Chang Arts Academy/Rajamangala University, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Thailand, Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand, Naresuan and Uttaradit University, Thailand, Ratchadamneon Contemporary Art Centre, Bangkok, Thailand, Yangon Gallery, Myanmar, Beijing Yi Pu Culture Company, China, Renjiancihua, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

1977 - 1979 | Advanced Certificate in Education with Distinction in Art Education Specialisation, Institute of Education
1970 - 1972 | National Trade Certificate in Applied Art (Advertising), VITB, Baharrudin Vocational Institute

1967 - 1970 | Certificate-in-education, Art specialised Principal subject, Teacher's Training College, Singapore