Lim Tze Peng (林子平) (b. 28 September 1921, Singapore–) is an artist, and a winner of the Cultural Medallion in 2003. Self-taught, Lim started painting in the 1950s when he was a teacher in Xin Min School. Having a strong foundation in Chinese philosophy, art and culture, Lim’s paintings are often deeply rooted in tradition, and yet exude a contemporary feel at the same time.


2022 | From Then to Now, Capturing Life - Ode to Art, Singapore

2021 | Soul of Ink: Lim Tze Peng at 100 - The Arts House, Singapore

2020 | A Century of Memories - Ode to Art, Singapore [Digital Exhibition]

2019 | 墨缘 -The Spirit of Ink, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, India2018
Portrait of the Heart -  心象, Ode to Art, Singapore

2016 | Evening Climb: The Later Style of Lim Tze Peng, National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore.

2015 | Impressions - Ode to Art, Singapore

2014 | Larger than Life - Ode to Art, Singapore

2013 | 攀登 The Journey - Esplanade –Theatres on the Bay 2012
Black and White - Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore 
Tze Peng in Bali - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore 

2010 | My Kampong, My Home - Singapore Management University Gallery, Singapore 

2009 | Inroads: The Ink Journey of Lim Tze Peng - National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 
China Inroads: The Ink Journey of Lim Tze Peng - Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China 

2008 | Inaugural Exhibition, NTU Art and Heritage Gallery, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
Inroads: Lim Tze Peng's New Ink Work - Art Retreat Museum, Singapore 

2007 | Lim Tze Peng: Singapore River Memory - Cape of Good Hope Gallery, Singapore 2006 
Tze Peng in Paris - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore 
Infinite Gestures-Recent Paintings by Lim Tze Peng - Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore

2003 | Tze Peng - Singapore Art Museum, Singapore